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SpaceMouse raw data from JavaScript – Viel zu tun!
Make better documents.
2024-03-30 13:13:41
Great piece on better writing, by Anil Dash
Happy Hues - Curated colors in context.
2024-03-27 15:34:36
Color palette inspiration on a real example website.
The Single File Philosophy
2024-03-27 15:24:26
A single HTML file can do a lot.
JSON-LD Playground
UK Rail Departure Boards for the command line
curl-able quick CLI interface for UK train times.
Generating The Alphabet — Amy Goodchild
2024-03-18 16:39:55
Generating a handwriting/written-like font
Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio 📻
"Last week, I went on an adventure through the electromagnetic spectrum!"
Twenty Years Is Nothing
2024-03-13 14:20:44
"In a previous edition of this magazine, we argued that English was so pervasive in our industry, nobody even questioned its use anymore. The same can be said of Git. It is difficult to imagine that merely twenty years ago, the landscape of source control tools was more diverse, and the choice of one such tool was much more complicated than today. Actually, Git was not even on the map yet. Before debating whether the hegemony of Git is good or bad, let us go back in time for a little while."
2024-03-11 14:56:15