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2024-06-12 21:21:23
Crazy pong retro screen magic effects cool
STL Twister
2024-06-12 21:10:45
Twist STL meshes for 3D printing
Pog - Keyboard Firmware made easy
2024-06-11 16:40:41
pog guides you through the setup of your kmk firmware on compatible keyboards (see requirements). Your fully working custom firmware is only minutes away.
CamBam Stick Fonts
2024-06-11 13:50:01
Single line fonts for plotters and CNC machines
Overflower - generative flowers
2024-06-10 16:54:21
LibreSpeed - Speed Test
2024-06-08 15:47:06
Free and Open Source Speedtest. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit.
qrcode2stl - Generate QR codes for 3d printing with this app.
2024-05-27 11:50:25
Generate 3D printable QR codes.
GenQRCode - The Free STL QR Code Generator.
2024-05-27 11:49:49
Create free QR Codes in STL format for 3D printing. Easily customize parameters and encode URLs, wifi, contact details, and more.
keytilt - customizable 3D models of key/stem tilters
2024-05-26 12:44:57
Easily create customizable 3D models of key/stem tilters for your custom ergonomic keyboards.
alphaTab - Build modern music notation apps for web, desktop and mobile
2024-05-22 19:49:31
Markup and display library for music notation and tablature